Roundup 2.0


Hey everyone and welcome back to another Roundup, this time 2.0! Our first roundup is from The one who Travels , who takes her part in showing Magic Montserrat Mountain in Barcelona Spain.  I have always dreamed of travelling to Barcelona and having friends and family visit just pushed my dreams of travelling there even more. In her post she shares some amazing photos of her travels to Barcelona. and even included a fun YouTube video, here’s the link! Video!. From the monasteries and architecture she shows us everything we would possibly want to see, like the steps of Montserrat. Check out her blog for more of her travels!



My second roundup comes again from Streets of Nuremburg and their take on a photography style that I recently tried out called Street Photography Quick Tip 6. Here they give us the idea that trains, subways stations, and airports are a fun, and great place to shoot photography. They focus on their method of street photography where they focused on the people travelling on the modes of transportation. Seeing the rush of travelers and commuters provides interesting and new photos that are pleasing to see. They mention how the rush of people and how they affect the camera, so by changing the setting to a faster shutter speed you get a clear cut photo of a person in fast motion. By changing the settings to a slower capture speed it gives a blurred affect of motion that gives a new look to photography. This photo of a waterfall that i took is a good example of slowing down shutter speed to give a blurred affect. fav-3

Thank you for reading and check out these awesome authors posts and check back in again!


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