Shooting from the Hip

While browsing through WordPress a while ago I came across a blog that showcased photos shooting from the hip. Fellow blogger Madison Beach blog! So I thought this was a very interesting idea to try out…


File_000 (4)File_001 (3)File_001 (4)File_000 (6)File_000 (5)

Basically the technique you use is you take your camera and without looking, take photos from your hip. The point is to get a new obscure angle without looking at the view finder. Results are surprising new photos. My experience with this style was very enlightening. I really enjoyed my time walking around holding my camera at my hip. My results shocked me. I wasn’t expecting any really good photos because I wasn’t able to see it, but! I really enjoyed how each photo turned out.  Maybe other styles will produce cool photos, maybe shooting from the foot next?


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