My First Experience Doing Street Photography


(Charles Street Westfield)

April 11, 2017. Westfield Massachusetts had its first warm day in a very long time. It was a beautiful 80 degree day out and almost everybody was enjoying the sun. I decided to drag my friend out to go on a nice long walk throughout Westfield so I can take a few different shots of the town.


(Russell road Westfield)

As we were walking we came across many different people who were more friendlier than usual, probably the warm weather bringing the niceness out of people.  You learn so much more about a place when your really looking at it. I never noticed the different districts of Westfield and all the quaint little roads.


(Elm Street Westfield)

Doing this new style of photography really opened my eyes he the possibility of beautiful new images. Street photography is a style of photography that people use to take photos of candid situations within public places. I definitely going to be doing more of this again!

File_003(Gas Light District Westfield)


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