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While browsing through new blogs I came across some really amazing publications that are just too good not to share.  This roundup will include new techniques with a camera,  New locations,  Different blog types, and ways to make money off of your work.

  1.  The Streets of Berlin Part 2 by Chevvy8

Streets of Berlin Part 2

This post gave a new insight to travelling and documenting your own experiences. As a business traveler he didn’t have many opportunities to shoot his location.He chose to focus on the architecture, transport, and people for his photography.He also has a very wide range of photos that you would typically see in Berlin, from the buildings, food and history.


2. The Bowels of New York City by Cornelis Verwaal

Bowels of New York City

This second choice was a very interesting one to come across. This blogs itself just showcases his work. Just the photos no description. When I came across this blog his photos are exquisite and beautifully taken. They had this ominous black white theme that really gave me anew insight to New York.

3. Shooting from the Hip by Madison Beach

Shooting from the Hip

This blog showcased a new technique of shooting street photography. She would take her camera and shoot from the hip. Not being able to look through the lens but just taking the photo from this odd perspective. This gave the photos a whole new view of street photography.

4. 28 Ways to Make Money with your Photography by Millionaire Digest

How to make Money with your Photos

This blog was a totally different blog that you wouldn’t find photography tips, but you will find ways to make money off of your photography. They I’ve 28 great examples on how you could potentially start a career by taking a good photo.

Keep exploring and always try new things!



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