8 Hours in New York City

Growing up I always had the privilege to be able to fly anywhere with my family. My parents works for the airlines so we were always on a plane to somewhere new. Around Christmas time my mother always flies into New York City to go Christmas shopping with her longtime friend. Last Year I decided to join her.


In the midst of this shopping day it was also a fun ladies trip. Our shopping mostly consists of going to the vendors on Canal Street. We prefer to stay in the downtown area of New York. We have our special little gems that we always like to hit.


After our first hour getting of the plane at Laguardia and went straight to the action of Canal Street.  We were not disappointed, we nearly completed our Christmas list. But we weren’t done. We decided to stay and go to all of our favorite spots. Since I haven’t been into NYC for a while I requested I see the newly complete World One Tower.


Here I couldn’t help taking like 50 photos of every angle you can think of of this tower. Its so beautiful. Downtown is always my favorite you have less tourists but a lot a great little places to see. We made our way up town from there from hitting our favorite spots in Little Italy and Chelsea.


Three women and 3 full bags of presents might seem like a good idea when travelling around all of New York. With the help of recycle Marshall bags saved the day. It was perfect for adding and carrying everything all around New York. As the hours ticked by we made our way all the way up to through mid town seeing everything from the Empire Sate to The Flat Iron.


new fi (2)


This sadly was our last stop before we had to make our night flight out of New York. In all it was a very successful day full of shopping, walking, and special bonding time between family and friends.



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