Basic Overview of Shutter Speed and Aperture on a Camera

Shutter speed and aperture are awesome tools to make your photos look amazing!

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These functions are more advanced. They usually appear on more advanced cameras such as DSLR.


The A= Aperture    S= Shutter Speed

shutter speed-  This function is how quickly your camera takes a photo. Depending on the shutter speed is how many frames per second the camera takes a photo. For example if you were to take a picture of something fast moving like a waterfall. The higher the shutter speed the quicker the photo will capture.  A slower shutter speed will create a blur affect.

fav 3.JPG

Aperture- This controls the amount of light the camera captures. Aperture goes hand in hand with shutter speed. Depending on your shutter speed determines the amount of light needed for the photo to be clear. For example if you need a fast shutter speed, you need to decrease the aperture on your camera.

These are all the F-stops on a camera. They allow the amount of light that travels into the lens. Just as shutter speeds increase the time the shutter remains open as you adjust the f-stop up and down. Every time you change the f-stop you either double or halve the amount of light entering the lens.


This was taken with a macro lens but with a change to the aperture, i changed the f-stop to allow less light so the camera can focus more on the details on the flower. ( ex, f/22)


This photo I had to increase my shutter speed so i allowed more light to travel by increasing my F-stop on my camera. (f/1.4)

I hope these tips will help you next time you want to take a more vibrant photo!




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