(Original Photography)

Ever since I was younger I always had a passion of photography. I always would grab my fathers Nikon and go outside and just take photos of birds, trees, and the sky. Especially in the autumn is where my photos were the best. The beautiful fall foliage especially in new England are breathtaking.


It wasn’t until I was a second semester sophomore that I realized that I really wanted to pursue photography and film in a potential career. This was a big step for me, changing majors to something completely new and understated. I was asked a lot of questions as to why the major change from biology to communications. I didn’t have a legitimate answer as to why. It just felt right when it came time to decide and I believe I made the best choice.


Change can be a great thing, but change is also what many people are afraid of. To keep life exciting there has to be changes. Otherwise you would have just a boring life. Since allowing myself to accept change it has been beneficial. Have a good outlook on change in life will just improve your overall well-being. You can become less stressed, happier, and just all around well.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

All these of these photos were taken during very stressful times in my life. The first photo, was sophomore year, change in career education. The second photo, Junior year,  loss of a family member. The last photo was during my senior year, where I moved out and about to graduate. I used photography as a outlet of my stress and to help be accept these changes that were happening in my life. I encourage anyone to try to find a outlet to help you through difficult times.



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