How To Survive Your Next Spring Break Trip

Surprise! Spring break is coming and its almost here! Are you ready?….. Probably not. I know i’m not! Now before you freak out because you still cant find shoes or that perfect dress and you only have 2 weeks left. I know don’t freak we still got this.  Here is some tips and links to save you moo-lah but still look good for you trip.

****Let there be praise you you have a amazon prime account****

Now that you can join me while we all fall into the doom of shopping while still trying to finish homework.. here we go


Bathing Suits/ Sundresses

Image result for bathing suits         Image result for sundresses

I found some really cool/ pretty bathing suits and sundress surprisingly from Amazon. They have some really pretty prints and for a very affordable price! When your on a college budget every cent counts!

Pro Tip- when shopping on places like amazon always check the comments and reviews to see what other have said about the product!

Links for Amazon Examples!


High Waisted Swimsuit




Image result for flip flops

Now that its time to put away the boots and bring out the sandals. My go to is my typical old navy flip flops but now its time to step it up!

I recommend to bring a couple pairs of flip-flops, sandals and maybe a nice pairs of heel if you want to go clubbing.!


Amazon Shoes

Charlotte Russe Shoes

Make your upcoming spring break trip the best trip ever! For how to travel with makeup check out 12 Tips For Travelling Makeup Addicts post on how to travel if you love makeup!







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