First walk of the year in Stanley Park

Before the first snow fall i was able to go to Stanley Park and take a few photos. The park still had beautiful in bloom flowers and animal life.

The camera I used here was my Nikon D 3300 with a 15- 200mm camera lens.


This photo is a Micro shot up close of a blossoming flower. Note the small sparkle from the flower petals.



This micro shot is of a up close photo of a flower with a bee harvesting the nectar from the flower.


This last photo is right before the water froze. I was able to take this shot by minimizing the shutter settings on my camera. Got this cool flow effect from this waterfall.




2 thoughts on “First walk of the year in Stanley Park

  1. These pictures are exceptional! How do you take such good quality photos? You definitely should lets us know how you go about taking these pictures, like shutter release and F-stop!


  2. Thank you so much! I use my Nikon 3300 and my iphone to take most of my photos! I’ll definitely make a post to show how it take photos and how to use options like shutter, aperture, and f-stop!


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